Students Attacked by Cops at Davis

This is simply horrendous. Police brutality run amok, right here in California. And as usual, the police chief thinks it’s just fine. She’s actually throwing out some bullshit about the cops being afraid of all the students around them. Then why did they hose down the students who were sitting on the ground, posing no potential threat at all?

If you look at the students in the video, there’s nothing menacing about them. They’re just kids, holding up their cell phones, iPads and even laptops, taking pictures and videos. Obviously, most of them weren’t protestors. They were just passing on the way to and from class. Imagine that.

It should be noted that students walking to class were shot and killed at Kent State.

The Davis Faculty Admiration has called for the chancellor of the university to resign. I completely agree. The officer and the police chief should be fired. And that’s a start.

The students at Davis can and should sue the officer – Lt. John Pike – the University, the City of Davis and the State of California for violation of their 1st and 4th Amendment Rights, pursuant to 42 US Code 1983. I hope they get lawyers and do that.

I also think criminal charges should be filed against the officers and administrators involved.

The people of this state don’t send their kids to college to be sprayed down like bugs or weeds.

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