Meditation on Veterans Day

I woke up this morning thinking about veterans. I feel so guilty, don’t you? I keep thinking there were things I could have done. I love my country and my heart is broken. I have such gratitude to our veterans. I wish we could have made them proud.

The veterans – especially the oldest ones – must think we’ve all gone mad. They were sent to Europe to fight fascists – Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin. They served for decades in a cold war with the Russians, fighting fascism.

Hitler turned white Christians against the Jews and millions died.

Stalin turned white Christians into atheists, turned them against Christians and Jews and millions died.

It’s always that way with fascists. There’s an in-group, which the dictator turns against the out-group. Propaganda – fear of The Others – is used to fire the ovens of hate.

So it is with Trump, who has turned white Christians against Muslims, immigrants, women, Gays, the media, and anyone with the temerity to questions his tactics or stand in his way.

America has allowed fascism to grow in our own homeland, then lifted it to the highest office and the greatest seat of power in the world. The same evil beast our veterans fought against and died to destroy is about to be handed the nuclear codes.

Russia, still with thousands of ICBMs aimed at US, helped this man come to power. Do you imagine he will stand up to them, defend our Homeland against the never-ending threat of Mutually Assured Destruction? No. Vladimir Putin has a big debt to collect from Donald Trump. America’s security has been mortgaged to the Kremlin.

How can any of us look a veteran in the eyes? The shame is inconceivable.

Worse than that, America was the last superpower, the only nation capable of defending another nation under siege by hate. Would Trump reach out to help the helpless? Hell no. And who will come to rescue us? We have a new Commander in Chief, a new Fuhrer. Our veterans, served, fought and died in vain and we have the leader we deserve.

How many Americans despise football players for their silent, almost prayerful protest, then committed treason by voting for this dictator? The Nazis are still alive in America, and they’re partying on Veterans Day. The KKK is preparing to march. You watch: they’ll be carrying American flags.

So let Old Glory be lowered and rightfully burned, for it is soiled. Let the wreaths be torn down and thrown in the streets. America is defeated from within.

Our veterans do not owe us forgiveness.

Pray to God to have mercy upon us …

For what is done not to be done again

May the judgement not be too heavy upon us …

Pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.

Pray for us now and at the hour of our death.

…And after this our exile.







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